Blending Tea with Your Coffee!

Coffee, Tea or Both?

Most of us die hard coffee drinkers scoff or find ourselves at a loss for words when we encounter someone who says they don’t drink coffee.
We are utterly amazed these non coffee drinkers are even upright, and talking too.


Mixing Tea in Your Coffee

And while we find a life without coffee unimaginable it doesn’t mean we don’t make room to appreciate the other types of brew out there.

On today’s show we share how we’ve come to love mixing tea in our coffee. Sacrilege or just plain YUM?



Teavana is like Apple

Find out why we think Teavana is the Apple brand for tea lovers and why we’re so upset about Starbuck closing them down.
Jackie also found a way to save money on coffee and Jennifer confesses to drinking garage coffee.

Coffee Podcast Links:
– Starbucks shutting down Teavana


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