Listener Feedback Show

Coffee Cup Image Made From Coffee BeansThanks to your feedback and comments on Twitter and (gasp) email, we were inspired to record another show.

We chat about needing coffee in order to make coffee thanks to a tweet from Perry Headrick aka @pheadrick.

Jennifer admits to reheating coffee and is happy to discover she is not the only one thanks to a tweet from Christina M. aka @hrbabe.

We also received a cool gadget device suggestion from the fine folks from @JiveWithUs

We also hear from Reagan Robertson who sent us an email about the “Secret Starbucks Menu”. Who know you could order a Black Cow or a Zebra?

We chat about a recent tweet that resulted in a steak dinner from Morton’s Steakhouse for HARO’s Peter Shankman upon his arrival at the airport.

We discuss the recent World Barista Championship which happened in June.

Jackie is still on the lookout for a cool coffee cuff. Let us know if you find one.

Thanks for joining us for another episode of the Morning BrewCast.


image by Fran Hogan

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