The Cold Brew Dilemma

This summer in San Antonio we are experiencing a drought and continuous weeks of 100+ degrees. It’s hot & as much as I love, LOVE, my hot coffee it’s been difficult to enjoy my afternoon Cup o Joe the past month.

So I started looking into Cold Coffee Brewing Systems and now I face a completely different dilemma.
First of all, do I really want another type of coffee maker on the counter? While some of the cold brew systems look really cool (I’d buy just ’cause they’re pretty) you can actually recreate the process for cold brew with a regular pitcher, spoon and strainer.
Second, will I be able to look forward to my afternoon Joe with that same warm fuzzy feeling?
But the biggest challenge I am having with Cold Brew Coffee is that it takes about 9 to 12 hours to brew!!! How am I suppose to function with that kind of turn around?

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