MBC #57: Interview with Dustin Butler of Bantai Civet Coffee

Dustin ButlerThe Coffee Gals have a special treat for our listeners. We are pleased to interview Dustin Butler of Bantai Civet Coffee. Dustin shares the story behind the coffee that costs $320 lb. Commonly called “weasel poop” coffee, the real story behind the Bantai Civet Coffee is one of conservation of land, endangered species and successful farming for native tribes. Everyone wins in this story, especially coffee aficionados.

When Dustin was kind enough to donate a 4oz batch of this premium and high priced blend to the Morning BrewCast an idea was born. We knew we would have to record a live tasting of the Bantai Civet Coffee, so why not invite one of our listeners to join us for this special treat? We devised a way to make this both a fun experience as well as one that could benefit the Julia Campbell Memorial Park where the coffee is grown and “harvested”.

Win the chance to be on the Morning BrewCast when we try the Bantai Civet Coffee with Dustin Butler at What’s Brewing in San Antonio, TX.

For every Ten Dollar donation receive an entry for the opportunity to sit down and have a cup or two of the Bantai Civet Coffee (aka weasel poop coffee). Donations will be sent directly to the Julia Campbell Memorial Park where the coffee is “produced”. Winner will be announced Wednesday, June 3rd. Out of town winners will have coffee shipped to them and will be Skyped in for the tasting on Saturday.

Click here to donate and enter a chance to join us for the special live show of the Bantai Civet Coffee

We can’t wait to enjoy this special brew with you!

Jennifer & Jackie

Image from San Antonio Express-News article

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