Discovering Starbucks Soluble Coffee at SXSW

I did it! I found some of the Starbucks Water Soluble Coffee while in the Bloggers Lounge at South By Southwest. Look for a review show with the Coffee Gals coming soon. Here’s a pic for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Trinidad

    I think that Starbucks is expanding to a market that they don’t already have. Business is business and I can see why they did it. This market has been held by the famous brands like Tasters Choice and the likes.

    I do think that as far as Specialty Coffee this would not be considered a Specialty Coffee because we all know that in order to be Specialty Coffee a coffee must be a freshly roasted coffee.

    I am not a drinker of any instant coffees and if there are coffee lovers looking for fresh product that this wouldn’t be it.

    If you are watching what you spend, beware because this is the most espensive way to drink coffee.

    I will do the math: If you go by the measurement on this packet (0.35 oz) 9.9g for a packet of 3.
    There is 28g in a 1oz and if you already buy Starbucks coffee you are spending $9.95/lb for 16oz bag of coffee. Your price per oz is about $.62.
    So if you use the 9.9g measurement and divide that by each serving which could be at about 3.3grams per packet.
    You will have to buy 8 packets to make 1oz of regular coffee. If your price is about $.83/ packet, then (.83 x 8)you are paying $6.64/oz and $106.24 per pound.

    That’s alot of money!!!
    It does cost money to buy new equipment to produce this micrground coffee but you will have to pay for it.

    It’s instant, it’s pricey and it is affordable for some people. It just wouldn’t be me.

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