MBC #53 The Coffee Gals Are Back!

-Jennifer & Jackie are back on track with a new Morning BrewCast.
-The Coffee Gals recap some of the happenings from the last few months.
-Jackie makes a move
-Jennifer shares some of the strange things that happen when home searching.
-We’ve picked up a new musical hobby.
-We recount the coffee stories of our recent travels.
-Our coffee reputation proceeds us and we’re not sure that’s a good thing.
-Mom & Gary rode from Houston to Sturgiss for the big bike rally
-We also spent some time with our brother, Raymond.
-We share some no-coffee flight stories which may get Jackie into trouble.
-Thanks so much for sending us show suggestions
-We share an article sent to us by Charles Cadenhead of Mostly News & Desperate Husbands
-Jackie is looking for a homemade whiff of coffee device.

Thank you so much for encouraging us to get on with the podcasting fun.

Jennifer & Jackie

MBC theme song mix by Ceejay of Opinionated Ramblings of “Not a Fan of the Bean” by The Clintons Band

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