MBC #49 Coffee Gadgets, Tea Dilemma, Folgers Grand Master Taster

On/Off Coffee CupThe Coffee Gals share some of the recent cool coffee gadgets they’ve discovered. The SipKlip, The On & Off Coffee Mug and the AeroPress.

Jackie wonders if the “Tea People” have put bad mojo on her ordering skills.

Jennifer has a complaint about her Mr. Coffee pot

Thanks to Dave Guerra we find out about Folgers Coffee’s Grand Master Coffee Taster.


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As Always a BIG Thanks for the Music Medley Mix which is courtesy of Opinionated Rambling’s Ceejay Jones of the Clintons Band song Fan of the Bean

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One Comment

  1. Dave Guerra

    First, GREAT MBC#49. Next, I knew that I was not just hearing voices when I came up with that conspiracy theory. Also, if Jackie can find a job like that, does that mean that she will become the conspiracy’s new ringleader???
    Lastly, about the Kona Fancy; I can get my ration when I go up to SA next weekend to see my mom.

    P.S. I’ll bring the Pumpkin-Cranberry Cheesecake.

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