MBC Special Report #8 Feedback from our Blogtoberfest Show

Morning BrewCast Album Art

Jackie and Jennifer respond to some of the feedback with a bit of their own

Smooooth Skot recommends we watch the movie Ladykillers (hope he doesn’t have any plans for these ladies ;-D )

Daryl Cognito aka PodDog shares his interesting Canadian insight into the uses for a basement/rootcellar

Lans Hobart aka Meditator Man & Buddhist Blogger recounts a humorous tale of his computer being stuck on Jackie.

Richard Galvan aka CliffordSound has a comment about Jennifer’s “holiday status”.

Thanks for the feedback! We love to hear your interesting tales of coffee, root cellars and computer issues. Send us your feedback to: morningbrewcast@gmail.com or leave a comment on the blog.

We’ve found it! The Clinton Bands “Fan of the Bean” mix by Ceejay of Opinionated Ramblings. It had gotten lost in the bowels of Jennifer’s computer. Thankfully it has been found. Woot! Thanks Ceejay for the great mix.




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  1. Smoooth Skot

    No comment. 🙂 I just wanted to say your website is looking sharp. It’s very warm and festive. The things people can accomplish when they lounge around all day.

    You guys should setup a college fund for Jackie, but then she may lose her natural charm and start lecturing us.

    By the way… that pump for boats is called a Bilge Pump (I used to be a boat enthusiast), but your right about the Sump Pump. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sump_pump

  2. Smooth Skot,

    Thanks for the site kudos! We like it too. The upgrade made all the difference. Well that and the fact that I lounge around all day…NOT!

    Having known Jackie for….well….all of her life, I can say that other than occasional moments during the mood swing teen years, she’s never lost her natural charm. It’s one of the reasons we all love her so much. Well that and the fact that she’s my sister. 😀


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